What type of survey do you need?

We have a variety of survey types suitable for both houses and flats. Check out our range below:

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Full Building SurveyFull Building Survey PlusNew Build Snag Report
**Full inspection of the structure upto 2250 sqft (lofts and basements included).YesYesYes
Inspection of the gas, electrics, solar, plumbing and drainage.YesYesYes
Fixtures and fittings (kitchens, doors, and windows, etc.).YesYesYes
Building Control compliance checksYesYesYes
Dampness and timber defects check (check for damp and rot).YesYesYes
Hazardous materials (Asbestos, Lead and Anthrax etc).YesYesNo
Subsidence risk assessment.YesYesNo
Flood risk assessment.YesYesNo
Environmental factors (Nuisance etc).YesYesYes
*Email summary of findings within 24 working hrs.48hrsYesNo
Extension feasibility assessment (lofts conversions and rear extensions).YesYesYes
A list of all minor snags identified at the time of the survey.NoNoYes
A full report detailing all repairs and remedial action, in electronic format.YesYesNo
Breakdown of estimated repairs, improvements, and provisional costs +YesYesNo
Insurance reinstatement valuation.£150 inc VATYesNo
Aerial roof and chimney images. + (Up to 3+ storey, subject to an available window on the top floor).£150 inc VATYesYes
Thermal Images£150 inc VATYesYes
***Turnaround Times3-7 Working Days7-10 Working Days3-7 Working Days